lies // 11.16.05 - 11.22.05

LIE. lie about anything, in any way you want. you can incorporate real things but the overall piece has to be a lie. this holds for both the daily assignments and the pressure project. "the first sign of creativity in a child, is a good lie" - Mark Twain

written lies // 11.16.05

written truths

lost in the move // 11.17.05

today i spent aboout three hours working on my entry for today. i had an idea, searched for material, morphed my idea, and then made it reality.

i finished coding it, and i was in the process of moving it from the lab machine, where i've been camping out for the last 6 hours, to my external hard drive. i've moved files millions of times now, i should know how to do this. but unbeknowingst to me, if you have a file open in an application, and you move the file, you can lose your file. what did i lose? not my images, but my html file where all my work lied. (funny that i used that word in this context.)

anyway so i moved the files, and got an alert message. I ignored it, and closed dreamweaver (which is a really horrible program) and didn't save. then moments later as I went looking to confirm the file transfer, i found my html and some of my image files were gone. fuck! so i took a break, restarted the machine, and hoped that the files would magically reappear as recovered files in my trash. they didn't. so here i am writing out what happened.

the really fucked up thing about this is that i am telling the truth. though by sheer dumb luck and ironic coincidence, you won't believe me. in fact, if i were reading this now, i wounldn't belive it. but still it happened, so i have no choice but to say my piece and know that i lost my file and three hours of work. i'm not so pleased. when you see the work, you'll understand why i was disappointed with losing my files. which by the way, i could not undo. dammit.

metamorphosis // 11.18.05

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it's been hard to admit. but i thnk i may have a problem.

liar's poker // 11.19.05

today i was supposed to post. I posted in my head, but not online. of course i could give some lame excuse about not being next to a computer. though through the week, since we know everyone is lying, the effect is lost. outside people may believe some of these, but c'mon now, most of these are just so obviously bad. so let's quit while we're ahead.

so what i have been doing instead is to lie to people at school. people have asked me questions about classes, or if i knew where someone was, i didn't know so i lied. i told one person that i was from tuscaloosa alabama. another person that i was from nashville, another sacramento, and another that i was from south dakota. we all lie, we all embelish the truth, the question is can we make people believe we're telling the truth most often than not.

regardless of whether they believed me was all based upon how i delivered my words. you can't flinch, you can't smile, you have to look like you're telling the truth. it's really quite easy to follow this assignment to lie, if you remember what that nobody will believe you, unless you believe it yourself.

it's all a game of liar's poker (which is a great book by michael lewis). lie, don't flinch, believe it yourself, and you'll convince your audience that your story is the truth.

advertisers lie. // 11.20.05

i hate ads. the more i see them, the more i want to deface them. it's quite objectionable to see some horrible image with some bs text about how some fellious product made someone feel better. take for example these new chase ads.

what is going on with this woman? why is she so excited? did her paycheck just clear? did she get a 0.00005 increase on her savings interest rate?

i have no idea what this guy is smiling about. you're in a bank ad pops, there's nothing to smile about. you're not getting a free toaster, and you're smiling mug isn't going to convince me to come give chase my money.

this one is great. i love facial expressions like these misused in the wrong setting. her facial expression and placement of her hand denotes to me that she experienced something nice. hearing that a faceless mega-corperation is not charging her $2.00 to take her money out from an atm is not among them. sorry chase, your ad campaign sucks. stop lying. just print some bland text, your branch hours, and leave it at that.

liar // 11.21.05

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five years into it, and he's still lying.

there's not much more to say about this. a few years ago a friend of mine created these stickers. i helped him paste these all over the city. it's an oldie but a goodie.