"the cars on my block"

the cars on my block go beep, beep, beep!
don't they know that i'm still asleep?

through the walls i hear the chatter
as people go by, clippity clop thump thump

lying here devising ways to make the plaster fatter
seven hours of sleep and guess who's still a grump?

the alarm bell rings, rings, rings!
as the light o' the shaftway stings

the thought of the work past due - makes me leap
over my clothes and onto the floor

out of bed, and into the bathroom i creep
half asleep, past the walls and into the door

thump! wakes me up, and jump in the shower
where creativity blooms! like a midsummer's flower

shall i compare thee to a summer's day?
no, no, no! ...i said that yesterday.

the flash of eureka!, and over the tub
splash! i get out, get dressed, and there's the rub.

the ideas forgotten, surrounded by towels!
the fog creeps in, and the words turn foul.

hammer, hammer, hammer, go the machines on the street
building yet another bar, that makes eight this year!

don't they realize we don't need another bar stool seat?
build something worthwhile! and lift something but beer.

contemplating opening the window yelling shut the -bleep-
stop that incessant hammering, i'm working here!

at the computer, typing for you all so deep
makes me wish that i was still asleep.