Automated Teller Machine // 11.01.05

I have a love/hate relationship with ATM's. Most of the time, you can get in and out of a bank within minutes by using an ATM for withdrawls, deposits, or just finding out my balance.

of course I use online banking, but there is something satisfying by going to an ATM and using the machine. it's more time effective to use the ATM over an teller, and even more time effective to use online banking over an ATM. Though looking at all three points of interaction, using an ATM is a hybrid of the two. The user has the ability to find the information they want, when they want, while also being able to deposit and withdraw money twenty-four hours a day.

looking at this ATM at the local branch of Independece Bank, we see the ubiquitous numerical, enter, clear, and cancel buttons on the bottom. though looking above at the screen, we see eight buttons grouped in fours on either side of the screen. but surely this whole interface could be designed much better and much simpler...

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