tea bags // 10.29.05

today eric fino burned his hands while drinking some tea. i brought in large thermos of tea myself. the temperature dropped and I wasn't in the mood of dripping hot tea or coffee on my hands. going through my daily bug list, i decided to think more about how i could improve a tea bag. of course brewing your own at home and using a strainer is by far the best solution, but not always the most convenient or even possible.

as pictured below, we see a very pained and distraught young man. why you ask? oh because he burned not only one hand, but both separately holding the same cup of tea. so what's the solution? obviously tea needs some time to steep and brew, though one can make it easier. i propose adding the tea bag to the cup, but securing it to the side of the cup. using the same material that lines the bottom of the cup, create a bag on the bottom with the same tea bag material, though just secured on the bottom.

another solution would be to create a bag that is made with a stirrer. the tea stirring bag could be a traditional tea bag, with an attached stirrer. thus when the tea is done steeping, the bag and the stirrer can be thrown away. in eric's case, the bag he was using is from karen's on astor. the use great tea bags, though they drip as water travels up the bag and onto the person's hands. it would be better if the tea bag could be secured to the lid, and not hang out the side and drip on your hands. the top of the lid could have a clip where the bag could be secured and not drip. obviously i've been thinking a lot about tea.

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