In The Waiting Line // 10.30.05

the other night i was waiting in line to drop off a bag. as i stood there, only to be told by the attendant that i didn't need to check in my bag, made me think about lines as whole. several discussions lately have been onmy mind. what makes a waiting line acceptable? is the prize that sweet? in thinking about networks, we talked about lines people wait to ride rollercoasters. a fellow student was discussing how disney designs their lines so that people can not see the length of the line, but yet have a direct view of the door. this isn't right.

along with people paying to wait in line, some people don't mind paying extra for advance ride seats in a place like disneyworld. later on, jun, abe, and i were discussing the HotSpot and we talked a lot about a device could benefit with a ez-pass like device.

in the case of this line at the moma, clearly the lines of the cords need to be a different color, they need to call just enough attention so people don't trip over them. the stands are made out of brushed stainless steel which look nice. But with the gray cords intbetween the pedestals, they blend in and become somewhat invisible. The purpose of the cords is to allow the musuem staff quick access to changing the configuration of the lines, but surely they could use another color to clearly denote the breaks in the line.

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