Phone + Exit Sign // 10.27.05

Tonight as I was waiting for a show to start, I was looking at examining a few items in the my surroundings at the time. A phone, an exit sign, a candle, and a cellphone. a small tea candle does it's job well, depending on the amount fo light in the room, it lights up a small area. but how does one improve the candle to relight it? to fill it back with wax? to clean it out and replace it? no doubt it's a small cheap item, but surely one could improve part of it, say add an interchangeable bottom to give access to the wick and replacing the candle.

i was watching someone interact with the phone in the room. why so many damn buttons? of course this is right out of "Design of Everyday Things", but in a club, why would you need a phone with over 24 buttons? i cannot imagine anyone ever needing this many functions.

the exit sign was another one. a fire you say? what? where? ok you want me to go which way? huh? in an emergency about which you may not know anything, give some more information, without giving too much. but then again, how much do you really want ppl to know in an emergency? wait, what does that mean?

the cell phone. ugh, the cell phone. we need better control over the hoops to actually get the messages, and how we use the device. if we're going to carry this thing everywhere, then at least give us some more personalization choice on how to interact with some fo the core functions.

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